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…hand crafted ceremonies to elevate the spirit, connect people with each other and to their community


My Philosophy

I am vitally interested in and respectful of the many creeds and customs by which people seek to understand the human condition. I studied the teachings of the world’s major religions at One Spirit Seminary, New York, where I was ordained as a Minister of Interfaith in 2012. The core of my own spiritual formation is Anglican and Lutheran denomination in Christian religion.

Like many people in our culture, I have sought a more meaningful life. However, for many of us, traditional religious expressions and structures have failed to keep pace with the challenges we face. Rather than externally mandated beliefs or rites, we seek an authentic experience that challenge us to be wider and more compassionate and one that supports the natural growth of our soul. I have sought to make peace with myself and to have healthy, effective relationships in my personal and professional life.

I recognise that all authentic spiritual traditions, at their heart, are committed to the common values of peace, respect, wisdom, compassionate service, and love for all creation. Beneath the diverse theological beliefs, rites and observances of the world’s religions lies a common ground of direct spiritual experience. While there is great value in learning what others believe about the Divine, it is only on that deeper ground of our own experience that we can recognise and embrace one another as brothers and sisters, and help each other become more fully who we are.

I am profoundly interested in transforming our highest ideals into everyday living. This aspiration, together with the many ethical and spiritual questions that arise from it, drive my personal life and also my professional work as Celebrant and Workplace Chaplain. Along with my personal spiritual study and practice, and spending invaluable time with friends and my beloved family, I live life as fully as I am able and reflect deeply upon it.